Alex Simon Cinematographer Director of Photography
Feature Films Format Director/Producer
Scythe Arri Alexa Jim Rothman/Jose Alvarez
Monsoon Arri Alexa Miguel Duran/Create Entertainment
The Whisperers Sony FS7 Miles Flanagan/Parallax Studioworks
The Last Possession C500 w/ Codex Recorder Dan Riddle/Filmspire Productions
The Burning Dead (2nd Unit) 7D Richard Turke/Kinetic Filmworks
That's Not Funny 7D Mike Celestino/Robert Garren
Bounty Killer (Additional Cinematography) Red Epic/Scarlet Henry Saine/Just Chorizo Productions
Out of Print 35mm/Red Scarlet/7D Julia Marchese/One Ski Productions
The Bang Bang Brokers 7D David Donihue/Saddle Ranch Productions
Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan HVX-200 w/ Letus Adapter Gary Jones/Kinetic Filmworks
Great American Dream (2nd Unit) VariCam Roger Lim/AmerAsian Films
Golden Earrings HVX-200 Marion Kerr/Film Crewe Productions
Young Again (2nd Unit) VariCam Roger Lim/AmerAsian Films
Brain Dead HVX-200 Kevin Tenney/Prodigy Films
Father vs. Son (2nd Unit) HVX-200 Joe Ballarini/Circus Road Films
Dance of the Dead (L.A. Unit) HVX-200 Gregg Bishop/Bleiberg Entertainment
Television Format Director/Producer
Drunk Girls Watch Sports C300 mk.ii Alex Kendig Sherman/Liz Williams
Unsung/Unsung Hollywood Sony FS700 A. Smith & Co. Productions/TV One
Paging Dr. Patel C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Joel Dauten & Trevor Dauten
Kill All Men F55 Jordan Grout & Phil Vogel/Armand Ramirez
Superhuman (Field Segments) C300 mk.ii Alex Simon/Lock & Key Productions - Fox
Love Spell C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Brandie Tucker/7Beyond
Celebrity Crime Files C300 P. Frank Williams/Unsung Productions, Inc.
If These Guitars Could Talk (Title Sequence) C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Ryan Simone
10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty (Camera Operator) EX3 Original Media/Spike TV
House of Max (Camera Operator) EX3 Gunnar Wetterberg/Bravo
Invention U.S.A. (Camera Operator) EX3 Gunnar Wetterberg/History Channel
Doc Talk HVX-200 The Documentary Channel
I Love the 8-Bits HVX-200 Mel Cowan
French Kitchen HVX-200 Paul Harth/Chiron Films
Streetease Fitness HVX-200 Lauren Bratman/Jayvee Dance Productions
Web Series Format Director/Producer
Specious Black Magic Prod. Camera Kevin Walker
Ad Guys Ep. 2 C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Joel Dauten & Trevor Dauten
Devil's Couriers: Season 1.5 5D/7D Kovar McClure/Collective Digital Studio
Misdirected Season 2 7D Marion Kerr/Lauren Mora
FireFall Fest (Camera Operator) Red Epic Scott Culver/Red 5 Studios
Auditions 5D/7D Jeremy Clark
Driving Arizona C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Dan Riddle/Joe Ahern
Kids on the President (Camera Operator) 5D Screen Shot Media/Fat Cat Films
Devil's Couriers 5D/7D Shane Cibella/Winston Abalos/Kovar McClure
Chutes: Season 1.5 5D/7D Miguel Duran
Misdirected 7D Marion Kerr/Lauren Mora
Short Films Format Director/Producer
Frontline of Humanity Red Weapon Tim Aslin/Shane Cibella
Four Days C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Tim Aslin
Maiden Voyage GoPro Hero4 Black Gregory Day/YOUvolution
Hustle the Square Sony a7S w/ Shogun Recorder Chandler Wild/All the Way Around Productions
Scythe C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Jim Rothman/Jose Alvarez
The Massage Chair C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Joe Ahern
Ain't Coming Back C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Alissa Davis
Effie C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Miguel Duran
Hot Girl Walks By: Zombie Apocalypse C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Joe Ahern/Greg Roman
Piece of Cake C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Joe Ahern/Greg Roman
Beat the Microbead (Camera Operator) C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Scott Ryan/Flynn Nicholls
Landgraf B-Day C500 Seth Townsend/Zach Meincke
Text Wisely C500 w/ Codex Recorder Dan Riddle/James Logan
Monsoon 16mm Miguel Duran
Darling's Greatness (Charley Steiner interview) 7D Biscuit Filmworks
Your Mother's Maiden Name 7D w/ Zeiss CP2s Joe Ahern/Max Reisman
Masked (Camera Operator) Red Epic Brent Coble/Youtube Space L.A.
For Ashley 7D Zach Hammill
Casey 7D Miguel Duran
L'Hotel Revoir 16mm B&W Daniel Pour
McMeta 7D Zach Hammill
One Night Stan 7D Daniel Pour
Electoral Emissions 7D Brian Crewe
Hot Neighbors 7D Ben Tolpin/Jennette MacLachlan
Broken Things 7D Hollis McLachlan
My Mobster 7D David Donihue/Joy Nash
For the Love of Nothing 5D/7D Alissa Davis
The Date 7D Michelle Vandenbroeck
Juno’s Body EX1 Emery Emery/
The Script (Spec Trailer) HVX-200 w/ Redrock Adapter Raj Pathak/Film Star Pictures
Freaky Saturday Night Fever 35mm Anamorphic Etienne Goldet/Chiron Films
Catholic Curves HVX-200 Alice Manning/Strike
Does Your Mama Know? HVX-200 Chris Dupré/TrueVision Entertainment
Gilda HVX-200 Tony Cammarata/USC
Marital Bliss HVX-200 Tony Cammarata/USC
Ultimatum HVX-200 Michelle Vandenbroeck/Michael Risner
Behind the Machine: The Untold Story of Firejaw HVX-200 J. Wilder Konschak
Bicycle HVX-200 Alissa Davis
Konflooent HVX-200 Raj Pathak/Magic Box Entertainment
Dark Night: Tales of the Necronomicon XL1 Robert Keith
La Tienda Del Corazon XL1 w/ Technik Adapter Kight Haberer/Univ. of North Texas
‘Til Daddy Do Us Part XL1 Jonathan Culp/Culpus Films
Spring 16mm Kight Haberer/Univ. of North Texas
Music Videos Format Director/Producer
Yung D'Rok - Dinosaurs and Robotz F55 Yacer Lopez/The Outdustry
Ian Erix - Shangri-la C100 w/ Ninja Recorder David Donihue/Superrad Motion Picture Group
Genevieve Labean - Camouflage C100/5D Danny Davalos/TrueVision Entertainment
The Principal - Shock to the System Red Scarlet David Donihue/Superrad Motion Picture Group
Marc Ford - Blue Sky 7D w/ Zeiss CP2s David Donihue/Superrad Motion Picture Group
Lose Control - Let It Be Known 7D Robert Garren/What Happens Next Prod.
Michelle Glavan - Ghost Rap Red Epic Noah Eichen/Bite Size TV
Yellow Red Sparks - Happiness in a Box 7D Zach Hammill/Christie Cole
Joy Ike - The Fall Song 7D David Donihue/Superrad Motion Picture Group
Scooter Page 5D/7D Chris Dupré/TrueVision Entertainment
Rici Jo – On My Own 7D Chris Dupré/TrueVision Entertainment
Project Dirty – Roller Coaster 7D Brian Hammers/Chris Dupré
Smallz – I Love a Dictator 7D Trevor Hoff
Fight From Above – Robber Barons 1D/5D Raj Pathak
Leather Hands – Vertical Lines HVX-200 Miles Flanagan
Aaron Nigel Smith – Everyone Loves to Dance HVX-200 Fundamentals Media
Lunar Fiction – London Sun HVX-200 Paul Harth/Chiron Films
Commercials/Industrials Format Director/Producer
ManpowerGroup Solutions: Parma, Italy 5D mk.iii Miguel Duran
Simple Walls C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Henry Saine
Petmate: Brandon McMillan Training Products C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Alex Simon/Jensine Carr
ManpowerGroup Solutions: Gdansk, Poland C300 Miguel Duran
Petmate: Jackson Galaxy Collection 2016 C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Alex Simon/Jackson Galaxy
Ayzenberg: Internal Architecture C300 Noah Eichen/Ayzenberg Group
ManpowerGroup Solutions: Manila, The Philippines C300 Miguel Duran
Jackson Galaxy Stain & Odor Remover Arri Alexa Mini Alex Simon/Jackson Galaxy
ManpowerGroup Solutions: Milwaukee C300 w/ Odyssey Recorder Miguel Duran
X-Box: Rise of the Tomb Raider Red Scarlet/C300 Brandon King/G-Net Media
Green Dot: Laws of Motion Red Epic Dragon Peter Cambor/The Paint Shop
Mr. Berries: All Business C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Joe Ahern
Mr. Berries: All In C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Dan Riddle
Mr. Berries: Made in the USA C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Joe Ahern
Adidas: Adizero (MLB) C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Jeff Winograd/Hawk Productions
Millhouse Cabinets 7D Trevor Hoff/Movies Productions
Brendan's Irish Pub C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Trevor Hoff/Movies Productions
Adult Swim/State Farm (Camera Operator) Blackmagic Cinema Paul Cummings/Human Element Productions
Petmate: Jackson Galaxy Collection C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Alex Simon/Jackson Galaxy
Get Wise to Portion Size C100/7D/5D Nica Halula/Melanie Nelson 7D David Donihue
Adidas: Adizero (NFL) C300/C100 Jeff Winograd/Hawk Productions
Rock 'n Roll Sushi 7D Trevor Hoff/Movies Productions
Lipton & The Muppets (Vines and Social Media) C300 Bill Barretta/Biscuit Filmworks
iRemember 7D Maty Grosman/Moore Greenberg
Infex 7D Alissa Davis/PCB Productions
Outdoor Channel 7D Josh Glaudin
Robin Android App 7D/EX3 Max Faugno
Nerd Machine: Tomb Raider (Camera Operator) Red Scarlet/C300 G-Net Media
Lumber Liquidators 7D Zach Hammill
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 7D Paul Salamoff/G-Net Media
Nelson J. Salon 7D Ke Quan 7D Jake Bradbury/Will Blank
The Medallion/Citizen L.A. 7D Trevor Hoff/Time Warner Cable
X-Box Kinect (Camera Operator) 7D Scott Culver/G-Net Media
Nearly Me: Transform Fitting HVX-200 Alissa Davis/Nearly Me Technologies, Inc.
Monster Energy Drink (Spec) HVX-200 w/ Redrock Adapter Chris Dupré/TrueVision Entertainment
Scion / Toyota Motor Company (Spec) HVX-200 w/ Redrock Adapter Chris Dupré/TrueVision Entertainment
KY Jelly (Spec) HVX-200 w/ Redrock Adapter Chris Dupré/TrueVision Entertainment
Heinz Ketchup: That’s What Fries Are For (Spec) HVX-200 w/ Letus Adapter Alissa Davis
R&B Industries: Porta-Fire XL1 Alissa Davis/Looking Up Productions
Capital Marketing Technologies, Inc.: Digital Catalog XL1 Self
EPK/Behind-The-Scenes Format Director/Producer
Dolby - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Matt Zogaric/Dolby Laboratories
Dolby - Specular Theory C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Matt Zogaric/Dolby Laboratories
Dolby - Deadpool C100 w/ Ninja Recorder Matt Zogaric/Dolby Laboratories
Lipton & The Muppets (Commercial) 7D & HVX-200 Alissa Davis/Biscuit Filmworks
Fifth Third Bank (Commercial) 7D Biscuit Filmworks
American Primitive (Feature) HVX-200 David Roberson/Cape Cod Films
Father vs. Son (Feature) HVX-200 Brian Crewe/Film Crewe Productions
Dance of the Dead (Feature) HVX-200 Brian Crewe/Ghost House Pictures
The Neighbor (Feature) HVX-200 David Roberson/Roberson Public Relations




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